Terms of Service

These terms were last modified on July 5, 2018.

The following terms of service govern your use of this website. Please read this section in its entirety prior to transacting with us. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this website.

  1. You acknowledge that this website is owned and operated by a Private Service Bureau (PSB C No. 5062) licensed with the state of New York. It is not owned or operated by any government agency.
  2. You certify that you are at least 18 years of age.
  3. You certify that any and all information you supply to us is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  4. You acknowledge that use of this site is optional. You may renew your registration in person at a DMV location, or through the official DMV website. Should you do so, you will not be charged a third-party service fee. You acknowledge that the additional fee this website charges is for optional, value-add benefits and features that are not available elsewhere. When you transact with us, you agree to pay the fees due to the state for your renewal, as well as our third-party service fee, starting at $10.00.
  5. You certify that your registration is not currently under suspension or revocation and that the vehicle is fully equipped, has been inspected, and will be operated in accordance with the requirements of the law.
  6. You certify that appropriate insurance coverage is in effect.
  7. In the event that this vehicle has a gross weight of over 10,000 lbs. and is used either in a commercial enterprise or to transport hazardous materials, you declare knowledge of Federal and State Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and, in applicable, Hazardous Material Regulations.
  8. You agree to our Privacy Policy, which explains how your information is collected, stored, and used.
  9. You agree to allow your information to be stored safely and securely for the purpose of enabling a feature we call Rapid Renewal. This value-add feature is exclusively available through this service and allows your future registration renewals to be processed more efficiently. More information regarding our Rapid Renewal Program is available here.
  10. You acknowledge that it can take up to 90 days to receive your registration documents in the mail, and that the DMV is the agency responsible for delivering your registration documents to you in a timely manner. You are responsible for providing a correct and valid address, and we are not responsible for non-delivery of documents.
  11. You acknowledge that we have the right to update or revise these terms of service at our discretion.
  12. You agree that any claim relating to this website shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York.
  13. You agree that the charges placed on your card by this service are valid charges and will not be disputed with your bank or credit card company. Should you have a question or concern about a transaction, contact our support team directly for assistance.
  14. You certify that you are the record holder for the vehicle or vehicles you are renewing through this portal. Or, you certify that you have written consent from the record holder to process a registration renewal transaction on their behalf.
  15. You consent to be contacted by us via email, text or phone regarding your transaction, should such contact be required. You are responsible for providing valid contact information. We are not responsible for your failure to receive notifications or important messages due to invalid information being supplied to us. You may opt-out and revoke your consent at any time by notifying us that you no longer wish to be contacted.
  16. You acknowledge that once a registration renewal has been completed with the DMV, it cannot be cancelled for a refund. Please be certain you are ready to proceed when you submit a transaction. If you request to cancel before your renewal has been completed, your cancel request will be honored and your transaction will be voided.
  17. Should the DMV deny your renewal request, your transaction will be cancelled and refunded.
  18. Our system estimates the fees due with a high degree of accuracy. However, should initial fee estimates be off, the amount billed to your card will be adjusted to account for the incorrect estimate.
  19. You will not be permitted to change your plate type through this portal. If you desire to change your plate type to a vanity plate, for example, do not use this service to complete your registration renewal.
  20. Should you lose your registration sticker or documents, you are entitled to a FREE replacement. This benefit is made available only to users of this website. To request a free replacement registration, you must order one directly from the DMV via this form. They will charge you a $3.00 fee. Once this is done, notify us that you paid for a replacement and we will reimburse you.
  21. Use of this site entitles you to Ticket Protection. If you receive a ticket for expired registration that was renewed through our site, we will reimburse the portion of the citation cost related to the expired registration, not to exceed $300. You may be reimbursed either via a refund on your original transaction, or a payment made to you via Paypal credit or a prepaid debit card, but payments will never be granted via check or cash. This benefit applies only to qualifying citations, and may be redeemed only once per transaction through our site. To qualify, the citation can not have been received prior to your transaction with us. You must provide a photo of the citation to us for validation. We have the right to refuse any Ticket Protection request through this site for any reason, but will honor requests that follow these guidelines and that we deem to be legitimate based upon the information provided to us.
  22. You may be presented with relevant offers from advertisers upon completion of your transaction with us. We do not share your personal information with these advertisers, or any third parties. If you submit information to an advertiser, either through a form hosted on our site, or directly on the advertiser's website, you are agreeing to the advertiser's terms of service and privacy policy. Should advertisers contact you in response to your acceptance of an offer, it is because you provided them with your contact information. If you wish to opt out of communication with them, you must do so by contacting the advertiser directly.

Refund Policy

In addition to the above terms of service, the following refund policy applies to any transaction processed on this website:

  1. Renewal Fees: Registration renewal fees, including associated taxes and other costs, are fully refundable prior to processing with your state's DMV. Simply contact our support team to cancel and void a pending transaction. However, once a renewal has been processed with the DMV, the funds are no longer in our possession and will not be refunded.
  2. Third-Party Service Fees: This site charges a service fee (see our Fees page for more information) to process your online transaction with the state on your behalf. This fee is not required and will not be assessed if you choose to renew your vehicle through the official state portal. There are valuable benefits associated with this fee, including Rapid Renewal, Ticket Protection, Night/Weekend Support, and more. This fee is fully refundable at all times if you are not satisfied, and will be returned to you upon request, even if your renewal has already been processed with the DMV.
  3. Timeframe: You may request a refund within 60 days of your transaction. Any refund requests are honored as soon as possible after we receive them. In most cases, the response time will be within 1-2 business hours. After we have submitted your refund, it may take approximately 1-3 business days for the funds to be processed and return to your account.
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee: While these policies are generally enforced, we also guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.